International Russian Music Piano Competition

2007 Prize Winners



Advanced Category

Contestant Prize Country
Sara Daneshpour First Prize USA
Zhenni Li Second Prize  China
Anton Smirnov Third Prize  Russia
Sara Daneshpour Best Performance of Russian Music  USA
Sara Daneshpour Public Prize  USA
Michael Berkovsky Honorable Mention  Canada

Intermediate Category

Contestant Prize Country
Devon Joiner Second Prize  Canada
Han Chen Third Prize  Taiwan
Irina Sidorenko Third Prize  Russia
Devon Joiner Scholarship to VIP Academy in Vienna, Austria  Canada
Philip Jung Honorable Mention  USA

Junior Category

Contestant Prize Country
Andrew Hsu First Prize  USA
Inoue Hikari Second Prize  Japan
Fantee Jones Third Prize  USA
Lucas Furtado Honorable Mention  Brazil
Andre Poon Honorable Mention  USA
Andrew Hsu Most Promising Young Talent  USA

Young Musicians

Contestant Prize Country
Daniel Hsu First Prize  USA
Alex Chien Second Prize  USA
Valerie Kim Third Prize  USA
Nikita Kovalev Honorable Mention  Russia
Karin Chan Honorable Mention  Canada