International Russian Music Piano Competition

2006 Prize Winners


Advanced Category

Contestant Prize Country
Yukiko Sekino First Prize Japan
Chih-Long Hu Second Prize Taiwan
Howard Na Third Prize U.S.A.
Jingwen Tu Honorable Mention China
Alexandre Mutuzkine Honorable Mention Russia
Jessica Osbourne Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Yukiko Sekino Public Prize Japan
Jessica Osbourne Special $500 prize from Jury U.S.A.
Jessica Osbourne Invitation to festival in Perenee, France U.S.A.

Intermediate Category

Contestant Prize Country
Xingji Piao First Prize China
Matthew Auerbach Third Prize U.S.A.
Aleksei Fedorov Third Prize U.S.A.
Xingji Piao Best Performance of Russian Music China
Xingji Piao $600 Scholarship to Vienna International China
Xingji Piao Giovanni Paisiello Music Association Prize China
Elizabeth Neff $200 for the best performance of Patric Nikolas' composition U.S.A.
Takafumi Mori $200 for the best performance of Patric Nikolas' composition Japan

Junior Category

Contestant Prize Country
Xinzhee Jiang First Prize China
Fantee Jones Second Prize U.S.A.
Yi An Pan Second Prize Singapore
Brandon Shih Third Prize Canada
Patricia Ho Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Jade Huang Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Ian Huh X Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Rina Li Honorable Mention U.S.A.
April Luo Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Vartan Simonian Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Stephanie Tang Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Audrey Vardanega Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Brandon Shih $100 Scholarship to Stanislaus Summer Music Camp Canada
Fantee Jones $300 Scholarship to Polonsky Summer Music Camp U.S.A.
Audrey Vardanega Scholarship to Young Pianists Academy in Vienna, Austria. U.S.A.

Young Musicians Category

Contestant Prize Country
Darius Goh First Prize U.S.A.
Alex Chien Second Prize U.S.A.
Vladimir Lokhov Second Prize Mexico
Yi-Chen Liu Second Prize China
Lewis Warren Jr. Third Prize U.S.A.
Amy Liu Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Katherine Tsay Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Steven Zeng Honorable Mention U.S.A.