International Russian Music Piano Competition

2002 Prize Winners



Advanced Category

Contestant Prize Country
Dmitri Demiashkin First Prize Switzerland
Luis Magalhaes Second Prize Portugal
Darret Zusko Third Prize U.S.A.
Dmitri Demiashkin Best Performance of Tchaikovsky Switzerland
Ekaterina Chernaya Best performance of Russian Modern Composer Russia
Luis Magalhaes Best performance of Rachmaninoff Portugal

Intermediate Category

Contestant Prize Country
Eric Barlaan First Prize U.S.A.
Liza Zenkin Second Prize U.S.A.
Michael Caan Third Prize U.S.A.

Junior Category

Contestant Prize Country
Yvette Young Second Prize U.S.A.
Catherine Chen Second Prize U.S.A.
Ana Chumburidze Third Prize Georgia

Young Musicians Category

Contestant Prize Country
Christine Kim First Prize U.S.A.
David Ko First Prize U.S.A.
Miles Shen Second Prize U.S.A.
Niuniu Teo Third Prize U.S.A.