Volunteer Opportunities

The San Jose International Piano Competition is looking for volunteers to get involved with several exciting opportunities taking place both during the piano competition from June 5-14, 2015, and throughout the year.

The piano competition is filled with passionate individuals including our volunteer base who provide assistance in outreach, putting together housing for contestants, ushering, making meals for jury members, and several other helpful tasks.  Donating a few hours of your time can help make a big difference in supporting young and talented musicians ages 7-32. 

Our volunteers not only provide the competition with essential support to the organization, but they also have much to gain through meeting and working hand-in-hand with skilled organizers, professional pianists, and professors from conservatories including Vienna, Royal Academy of Music in London, Paris, Juilliard, and Cleveland.  

The attributes we are looking for in a volunteer is a person of any age who believes in our mission of promoting education and performance opportunities for the youth, and is wanting to use their time and skills and give something back to the community. 

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in working with us. We will contact you via email within a few days to schedule any next steps. Thank you for your time and interest!