2016 Prize Winners

Advanced Category

Contestant Prize Country
Meng-Sheng Shen First Prize Taiwan
Shino Hidaka Second Prize Japan
Wenting Shi Third Prize USA/China
Yi Chen Feng Honorable Mention Taiwan
Meng-Sheng Shen Public Prize Taiwan
Meng-Sheng Shen Best Performance of a Beethoven Sonata Taiwan
Wenting Shi Best Performance of Russian Music USA/China
Yi Chen Feng Special Prize for Excellence in Performance Taiwan
Han Wang Scholarship to International Piano Festival in Canada USA


Intermediate Category

Contestant Prize Country
Ying Long Lin Second Prize USA
Zhuoran Simon Tao Third Prize USA
Wei-Yun Chang Best Performance of a Chopin Etude Taiwan
Wei-Yun Chang Scholarship to VIP Academy in Vienna Taiwan


Junior Category

Contestant Prize Country
Ben Hoang First Prize USA
Crystal Chen Second Prize USA
Charlotte Wong Third Prize USA
Charlotte Wong Best Bay Area Contestant USA
Lin Kai Zhang Honorable Mention Canada
Perren-Luc Thiessen Honorable Mention USA
Ben Hoang Most Promising Young Talent USA


Young Musicians

Contestant Prize Country
Jayden Maddela First Prize USA
Ella Cho Second Prize USA
Andrew Gu 3rd Prize Germany
Andrew Gu Most Promising Young Talent Germany
Jason Dong Honorable Mention USA
Nathaniel Zhang Honorable Mention USA