2014 Prize Winners

Advanced Category

Contestant Prize Country
Sebastian Di Bin First Prize Italy
Eun Young Seo Second Prize South Korea
Brent Arnold Honorable Mention USA
Brent Arnold Best Performance of Russian Music USA
Eun Young Seo Best Performance of Beethoven Sonata South Korea
Sebastian Di Bin Public Prize Italy
Sebastian Di Bin Solo Recital in Vienna, Austria Italy
Sebastian Di Bin Solo Recital in Jerusalem, Israel Italy
Sebastian Di Bin Performance with Nova Vista Symphony and Solo Recital in San Jose, CA Italy


Intermediate Category

Contestant Prize Country
Vincent Liu First Prize USA
Sean Tang-Wang Second Prize USA
An Nguyen Quang Hong Honorable Mention Vietnam
Otgonbulgan Tumur-Ochir €500 Scholarship to VIP Academy in Vienna, Austria Mongolia
An Nguyen Quang Hong $500 Scholarship to a Piano Workshop in Jerusalem, Israel Vietnam
An Nguyen Quang Hong $500 Scholarship to St. Andrews International Piano Festival in Canada Vietnam


Lother Bandermann Composition Competition

Contestant Prize Country
Alex Tang First Prize USA
Otgonbulgan Tumur-Ochir Second Prize USA


Junior Category

Contestant Prize Country
Momoka Chiba First Prize Japan
Haozhou Wang Second Prize USA
Caroline Hsu Third Prize USA
Firuza Baylarova Scholarship to International Piano Academy in Naples, Italy Azerbaijan
Haozhou Wang Best Bay Area Contestant USA
Momoka Chiba Most Promising Young Talent Japan


Young Musicians

Contestant Prize Country
Connor Sung First Prize USA
Cara Burgess First Prize USA
Harmony Zhu Second Prize Canada
Andrew Shi Third Prize USA