2013 Prize Winners 

Advanced Category

Contestant Prize Country
Esther Park First Prize USA
Diyi Tang Second Prize China
Natalia Tkachenko Third Prize Russia
Yue Chu Honorable Mention USA
Eva Yulin Shen Honorable Mention Taiwan
Esther Park Public Prize USA


Intermediate Category

Contestant Prize Country
Christopher Son Richardson First Prize USA
Yunqiu Xu Second Prize China
Alice Zhu Third Prize USA
Yunqiu Xu $600 Scholarship to VIP Academy in Vienna, Austri China
Alice Zhu $500 Scholarship to St. Andrews International Piano Festival in Canada USA


Junior Category

Contestant Prize Country
Anna Boonyanit First Prize USA
Elliot Wuu Second Prize USA
Andrew Zhao Third Prize USA
Stacy Chang Honorable Mention USA
Andrew Lin Honorable Mention USA
Anna Boonyanit Best Performance of Beethoven Sonata USA
Anna Boonyanit Best Bay Area Contestant USA
Anna Boonyanit Best Performance of Russian Music USA
Anna Boonyanit Most Promising Young Talent USA


Young Musicians

Contestant Prize Country
Michelle Fan First Prize USA
Angela Lee First Prize USA
Marc Soong Second Prize USA
Leo Jergovic Second Prize USA
Andrew Shi Third Prize USA
Katharine Lee Third Prize USA
Yiguo Wang Honorable Mention USA
Leo Kubota Honorable Mention USA
Ursula Hardianto Honorable Mention USA