2011 Prize Winners 

Advanced Category

Contestant Prize Country
Yoni Levyatov First Prize Israel
Yoshio Hamano Second Prize Japan
Gregory Wang Third Prize USA
Yoni Levyatov Public Prize Isreal
Gregory Wang Scholarship to VIP Academy in Vienna, Austria USA


Intermediate Category

Contestant Prize Country
Lei Wu First Prize China
Yoan Ganev Second Prize USA
Rachel Breen Third Prize USA
Calvin Lee Honorable Mention USA


Junior Category

Contestant Prize Country
Jun Lin Wu First Prize China
Allison To Second Prize USA
Christopher Son Richardson Third Prize USA


Young Musicians

Contestant Prize Country
John Baeg First Prize USA
Kana Li Second Prize USA
Sarah Tuan Third Prize USA
Alice Zhang Honorable Mention USA
Isabella Tong Honorable Mention USA
John Baeg Best Bay Area Contestant USA
John Baeg Most Promising Young Talent USA