2010 Prize Winners 

Advanced Category

Contestant Prize Country
Peggy Sung Second Prize Hong Kong
Jiyeon Shin Second Prize South Korea
Hanbo Ma Third Prize China
Jiyeon Shin Public Prize South Korea
Jared Redmond Best Performance of Russian Music USA


Intermediate Category

Contestant Prize Country
Hugo Kitano First Prize USA
Joey (Ian) Chang Second Prize USA
Theodora Martin Third Prize USA
Jonathan Mamora Third Prize USA
Hugo Kitano Best Bay Area Contestant USA
Joey (Ian) Chang Invitation to Perform with San Jose Chamber Youth Symphony USA


Junior Category

Contestant Prize Country
Seika Ishida First Prize Japan
Hanson Tam Second Prize USA
Shiyi (Andy) Sheng Third Prize USA
Rachel Breen Honorable Mention USA
Andrew Chan Honorable Mention USA


Young Musicians

Contestant Prize Country
Ray Ushikubo First Prize USA
XiaoLong Liu Second Prize China
Melody Soong Third Prize USA
Ryan Sheng Honorable Mention USA
Andrew Sung Honorable Mention USA
Andrew Lin Master Class with Prof. Sharon Brook USA