2004 Prize Winners 

Advanced Category

Contestant Prize Country
Katerina Titova First Prize Germany
Vlada Vassilieva Second Prize Mexico
Tatiana Kuleshova Third Prize Russia
So Young Yoon Third Prize South Korea
Vlada Vassilieva Grand Public Prize Mexico
Vlada Vassilieva Best Performance of Russian Music Mexico
So Young Yoon Best performance of Rachmaninoff U.S.A.
James Bailllieu $600 Scholarship to Vienna International South Africa


Junior Category

Contestant Prize Country
Vijay Venkatesh First Prize U.S.A.
Lidia Salinas-Ivanenko Third Prize Ecuador
Elizabeth Yang Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Florence Hsiao Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Mikako Miyahara Honorable Mention Japan


Young Musicians

Contestant Prize Country
Yuko Ozawa First Prize Japan
Keina Numakura Second Prize Japan
Lily Tsai Third Prize Taiwan
Albert Wu Third Prize U.S.A.
Laura Spector Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Jenny Mirzoian Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Yujin Ariza Honorable Mention U.S.A.
Yuko Ozawa Most Promising Young Musician Japan